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After 21 o'clock 2 H with second-party all-you-can-drink course 2500 yen

2500 Yen

tax included

  • 4items
  • 4-45persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink menu

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A plan recommended for the second party appears ♪ Recommended for chefs for a lot of people ♪

Course menu

【Course content 4 people ~ example】

1. Edamame

2. French fries

3. Fin again

4. Shakyou

With 4 items of dishes this price is profitable!

If you are in trouble with the second party in front of the station do not hesitate at a round shop ♪

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer / Sake
· Barley <barrel>, The Malts (medium bottle) / sake, cold wine
· Shochu / Highball
· Mohsuki (Class A), Fluffy Miramori [Lychee] [Acerola], Wanko (wheat), Nanko (Potato) Angle High Bowl, Angle Hicola, Angle High Yuzu, Angle High Plum, Jim Beam High Ball Jim Beam Cola, Jim Beam ginger
·Plum wine
· Minami Takashi plum, Yuzu plum wine
· Loafy white sour, Loamy cider sour, Loam, Grapefruit, Plain, Clearly tomato, Salted plum, Minami high plum wine, Giant peas, White peach liquor, Yuzu sake, Sikhua sake sake, Acerola rosehip sake, Ripe apricot sake
· Cocktail 1
· Mojito, Jim Buck, Vodka Soda, Orange Blossom, Moscow, Screwdriver, Bulldog, Fuzzy Noble
· Cocktail 2
· Cassis (Soda · Orange · Grapefruit · Beer) Peach (Soda · Grapefruit · Doll · Oolong), Shandigafu
· Non-Allowed Drink
· All Free, All Free Collagen, Shirley Temple, Virgin Breeze, Rothlabios, Pink Lemonade
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, cola, gingeraele, calpisoda, calpis, orange juice, grapefruit juice
· Glass wine
·Red and white

2019/01/12 update